Government Job versus Private Job – Career making guide

Government Job Vs Private Job; Essay, Debate, Difference, Group Discussion, Govt. Sector Vs Pvt. Sector; After 12th/+2  

Good Morning Everyone!
Fresh morning brings quite a lot of aspiration in human heart as new day, new thinking, new dreams, and new targets to work on. Every single person tried to learn and earn something new in his/her life. This seems to be a common question among new generation of the World – “Career”. After completing education every student has doubt in their mind about Government Job versus Private Job; which is better explained by e-Jobs Bulletin. After qualifying in 12th class, every student has to decide the way he or she has to go.

This is the most career making decision of a student’s life. One silly mistake can spoil the career of any intelligent scholar. To think which one is better; Government or Private sector job, we are pleased to share some information with you so as you can have an idea of these two leading working sectors.

Government Job Vs Private Job

Wide range of Industry and further offshoots of each of the working unit will make it hard for the unemployed persons to choose one area – Government sector or private sector. Each of these fields has its own working rules, targets, disciplines and visions. Here e-Jobs Bulletin just want to share some experience with our readers so that they can have an idea to start career in which field.


Private Job – Government Job Debate

Many times we came to know a big debate/discussion on Government and Private sector jobs. The question has been raised with many career making professionals. The fact is very interesting and surprising. Even they are not sure to start career in which industry. Both the job fields have some advantages and disadvantages.

Difference between Private and Government Jobs


This is difficult to say how Government sector job is different with Private sector job in real. But we are going to explain it with some key points. Hopefully it will help you in deciding the difference between these two industries.

Advantages of Government Sector Job
Job Security
Fix time duration
Good Salary and promotions
Reputation among relatives
Less stress of work

Advantages of Private Sector Job
Unlimited Growth
Actual Caliber Measurement
Targets and Incentives
Opportunity to show your talent
Rewards and Appreciations

After 12th Choose Government/Private Sector to work on

If you are looking to get enroll as Government employee, you have to work hard to get it as the competition is very high for that. Every year lacks of students have been appear for Government jobs related examinations. It demands from a person to have keen eye on the topic which you are going to take in the examinations which need a great study experience.
Private sector job is just opposite to the Government jobs. Less competition and higher job opportunity is always there in Private sector undertakings. This is the reason why the young people switch over to the private sector to work on. It’s easy to find such jobs and high salary with good chance of improvement with this industry. We hope that this article will work as career making guide for you.


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