Vidyanjali Yojana 2016 for Government Schools has been launched

Vidyanjali Yojana/Scheme 2016 for Government Schools in India

The most dynamic scheme ever found – Vidyanjali Yojana, for the development in Education sector has been launched by Minister of Human Resource Development “Smriti Zubin Irani”. She has taken the charge of this department in 2014.
Vidyanjali Yojana 2016 will be implemented in Government Schools from 16th June, 2016. Under Vidyanjali Scheme, any person who has potential to teach something new from any field can join any Government school for overall development of students.

Motive of Vidyanjali Yojana 2016

The main motive of this scheme is to deliver the best teaching experience to small kids with some kind of activities involvement. To provide them such an environment, that they will take education as fun and not as burden.
To development new skills in students, almost 20 State has allowed to implement this scheme in all Government schools. This will provide some edge to the down falling graph of Education of the country.

Which skills to be develop through “Vidyanjali Yojana

1. Skill development programs
2. Health care
3. Entertainment and sports
4. Yoga techniques
5. Cleanliness programs
6. Art, Craft and Singing skills
7. Extra classes for subject related topics

Who can Join Vidyanjali Yojana

This scheme is open for all professionals, Retired Engineers or any retired person, House wives, etc. who wish to serve for the country by transferring their talent and skills to children. As children is the future of our country.
Retired army persons, VIP persons, or any other person having unique talent and willing power to serve for their country will be a part of it. So be happy guys, as it will be another great employment opportunity.

Emoluments given for joining Vidyanjali Scheme

All such social workers, if wishes to serve on regular mode under this scheme will get some emoluments definitely. This will not affect the working of permanent Teacher in classroom study.


Vidyanjali Yojana; How to apply online

Step – 1

In order to apply online for being a part of Honourable Prime Minister’s Government Scheme – Vidyanjali Yojana 2016 under the supervision of Smriti Zubin Irani, you have to log on to the link – i.e., the official website of the Government of India.

Step – 2

Here you can fill your online application form to join Vidyanjali Scheme to the concern Government School. In reply to your application, school itself will contact you. Thus you may be called for attend an interview and probably you got chance to serve on temporary basis.

Step – 3

However, if you are ready to serve on regular basis, school have the option to make you permanent for future services. So, for being selected as permanent teacher, you have to work hard and show your hidden talent. After being permanent, you will get some amount of money as your monthly income. Fore more information, keep visiting this page.


Big News for India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vidyanjali School Volunteer Programme 2016 Mobile Application/APP has been launched by MyGov and Ministry of Human Resource Development. This will bring smile on the faces of unemployed retired military persons, house wives and other persons having skills to serve for the country. We are providing all the details of this scheme here by team e-Jobs Bulletin.

Vidyanjali Yojana Opening Dates; 20 States

Here is the list of 20 states which admitted to issue Vidyanjali Yojana in its affiliated schools. The 20 states which are going to implement Vidyanjali School Volunteer Programme and their dates are given in this PDF file. The following states have been published the opening dates, just look that –

1. Delhi,
5.Uttar Pradesh (UP),
6. Assam,
7. Andhra Pradesh,
8. Uttarakhand,
9. Tripura,
10 Telangana,
16.Himachal Pradesh,
20.Madhya Pradesh

Click here for Vidyanjali Yojana 20 States Details

We have noticed many doubts among the job seekers about their eligibility and application procedure. Here are some of the common questions, which will help you to find the correct answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vidyanjali Scheme 2016

Que.1- We are unable to found the link for Vidyanjali School Volunteer Programme 2016?
Answer – The link is activated and is given here –

Que.2- How can I get enrolled for Vidyanjali Yojana?
Answer – a mobile application app has been developed by MyGov with Ministry of Human Resource Development. The available job under this scheme will be updated there. Institutions and job volunteers can have direct access of it through this mobile app.  

Que.3 – How much salary will be offered by Vidyanjali Yojana?
Answer – Once you are permanent in Institution, you will get fix amount per month in your bank account. How much it would be, is not mentioned yet.

Vidyanjali School Volunteer Mobile Application Form 2016 Download Online


53 thoughts on “Vidyanjali Yojana 2016 for Government Schools has been launched

      • Being a retired Banker with 38years of service in SBIndore/SBI & in view of RBI Governors suggestion to introduce Basic Banking at School level I wish to offer my services as Teacher in schools of Indore (M.P).The scheme is really good.
        SUDHIR TILLOO 7/5 New Palasia INDORE Pin 452001.(M.P)


  1. My sister wants to apply as music teacher in Bareilly UP….how can she enroll herself …..please suggest..


  2. The scheme must be extended up to the private schools too to improve their teaching quality and their accountability towards children parents and community. This will stop their monopoly over teaching and exploitation of children.


  3. This is a corruption-free scheme if executed fairly.I am a victim of corruption in the field of education.Respected Madam,let us know how to apply to submit my resume and get a call for an interview.


  4. I have submitted my resume to my nearest schools . The scheme will be apply on 16th June, but now still waiting for LINK.


  5. I have done MCA and I want to serve as Computer teacher. I have experience of two years in teaching line. Please inform me as well as this link active…


  6. I want to serve as a teacher I have 2 years experience in teaching line. I have done MCA.
    So please inform me as well as link active.


  7. It’s a very good step……..we always….share…this…idea…to eachother…when we read teachers crisis…we thought we are ready…but…some rules and…age..factor…also…accures…
    But …now i am very happy…if I… able…to give my work experience…in this teaching….line…to needy….students….it will be honour….for me……
    Great step……….thank you….


  8. I wan to serve as a teacher,I have two year experience in art,culture and teaching of government school.I have done B.SC.
    So please inform me as well as link active.


  9. I can’t find the link for the ‘vidyanjali yoja’ for retired person to teach in school.
    Please help me, how I can get the application form.
    Pl. Clear.
    Because ‘’ link not responding about the form.
    Please help me.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. many bhauao vithoba as khamkarwadi tq washi dis osmanabad phon 09049789974 x-man in army intersted in job eacher


  11. its not the experience in teaching that matters. Its about increasing the quality of students. If you are good enough in delivering your skills effectively, that will be the success of this particular scheme. They will be looking at some basic qualifications or credibility in the field the volunteer wants to engage the school children in.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. As per my knowledge, this Scheme is not for young job seekers for getting good salary like Govt. Jobs but is a volunteering program inviting the retired highly educated & experienced personnel or those who have fulfilled their family goals and now are sitting at home and want to do some purposeful for society and earn self actualization (not money) by giving some VIDHYA KI ANJULI (from their enriched treasure of lifelong study, work experience, cultural & moral values etc.) to the deprived children of Govt. Primary & upper Primary Schools to make Bharat a thoroughly educated, cultured strong nation….

    so the “salary paid job seeker” may look for some other opportunity as waiting for THIS MAY DISAPPOINT THEM…

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ma’am, its 16 June already. Please provide the link now. I need to apply for this scheme. Also, please inform about the payscale. Thanks.


  14. vidayanjai yojana is very dynamic scheme of gov. of india.i am a retired principal of a college.i want to do something good in this hometown is Allahabad if gov. give me chace in this yojana i will do my best


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